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Quality engineering prevents numerous setbacks at the construction site.

Environmental Conditioning Project Review

Design and Review of Environmental Conditioning Project

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Detailed calculation report, design and sizing of ducts, careful selection of gratings, optimal choice of equipment, preparation of preliminary plans, development of precise executive plans and an exhaustive catalog of concepts.

fire system project

Design and Review of Fire Protection Systems.

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Rigorous compliance with regulations, exhaustive calculation memory, appropriate selection of pipes and accessories, efficient pumping systems, precise preparation of plans and a detailed catalog of concepts. In addition, implementation of advanced fire detection and protection systems.

Review of Electrical Installation Project

Design and Review of Electrical Installation Project

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Meticulous development of calculation reports, detailed equipment specifications, design of electrical feeders, preparation of preliminary plans, creation of precise final plans and exhaustive catalogs of concepts. Additionally, design and implementation of connection lines for high and medium voltage.

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lighting project consulting

Design and Review of Lighting Project

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Design Criteria for Lighting, Preparation of Calculation Reports, Detailed Specifications of Luminaires, Preliminary Drawings of the Preliminary Project, Definitive Drawings and Exhaustive Catalog of Luminaires.

consulting in Hydrosanitary and Rainwater Project

Design and Review of Hydrosanitary and Rainwater Project

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Comprehensive Design of Hydraulic, Sanitary, Rainwater and Gas Project. Includes Detailed Calculation Reports, Precise Drawings, Complete Technical Specifications and an Exhaustive Catalog of Concepts.

consulting and structural project review

Design and Review of Structural Project

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Advanced Study of Soil Mechanics, Foundation Design, Development of Metal and Concrete Structures, Preparation of Detailed Plans, In-depth Calculation Reports and Comprehensive Technical Specifications.

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Most construction site problems are due to a lack of coordination between systems, architectural elements, and structural components.

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