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energias renovables en mexico

Everything begins with the culture of efficient resource use.

Innovative and Reliable Solutions in Engineering and Sustainable Energy.

We distinguish ourselves through objective analysis and specialized validation, providing our clients with confidence based on proven results and multidisciplinary experience. As independent consultants, we guarantee an impartial evaluation, free from commitments to commercial brands. 

+20 years 

Project experience

We develop and analyze innovative solutions, with the collaboration of experts in each sector.

+10 years 

In energy and sustainability

We specialize in comprehensive solutions for medium and large-scale projects, providing the validation that our clients and investors require.

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Innovative Solutions... 
Consultants in Sustainable Energy and Engineering in Mexico.

+5 years providing specialized knowledge and tailored solutions to enrich and enhance our clients' projects. 

Facilities Engineering

We develop innovative designs for electromechanical projects, including hydraulic, sanitary, storm drainage, fire protection and gas systems. In addition, we are specialists in projects  and air conditioning systems, with a focus on shopping centers and hotels.

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Structural and Soil Engineering

We provide advanced design in metal and concrete structures for buildings, along with specialized analyzes in structural engineering and soil mechanics. We also offer review and validation services for structural projects.

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Water Resources Management

We perform advanced analysis and design of rainwater collection, wastewater treatment and desalination systems. Our solutions promote efficiency in hydraulic infrastructure and optimization of pumping systems.

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Energy and Sustainability

We offer comprehensive tender management for energy supply, development of energy generation projects, supervision of renewable energy initiatives, and we carry out advanced studies to determine the carbon footprint and measure emissions.

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Maintenance and Regulations

We develop detailed manuals for the maintenance and construction of electromechanical installations and solar photovoltaic systems, guaranteeing best practices and operational efficiency.

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Environmental audits

We conduct rigorous environmental audits in accordance with ISO 50001 and conduct comprehensive energy efficiency studies to ensure your company's sustainability and regulatory compliance.

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Critical Analysis of Energy Contracts: Key to Success in the Mexican Energy Market

Mexico is a very attractive market in terms of its energy projects, however, the terms and conditions of energy contracts must be thoroughly analyzed to avoid economic losses in the company. 

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Regional Analysis for Specific Solutions

We recognize that different regions of our country demand unique approaches. Therefore, we offer specialized analyzes to provide treatments and solutions adapted to each specific area.

Sustainable hydroelectric energy generation

Key Infrastructure for Energy Distribution

Existing electrical infrastructure is key to the effective distribution of energy in the region.

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Essential Consulting for Renewable Contracts

The effectiveness of renewable energy contracts depends on the support and experience of specialized consultants.

Ingenieros de turbinas eólicas

Efficiency culture: the basis for reviewenergy contracts.

Some of our customers

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supermarket chain


Design and construction of facilities

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Capital fund manager

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Preparation, washing and packaging of denim garments

We stand out for integrating ourselves as a strategic extension in energy and engineering for our clients, providing expert support adapted to each industry to successfully achieve their objectives.

Solar operations

Independent Analysis and Validation

We offer an analysis and validation service for external proposals in the field of energy and engineering solutions. Our specialized C MAS I consultants review and evaluate the proposals, ensuring that they fit the specific needs of each project and are economically viable.


This specialized reviewensures that solutions are not only technically feasible, but also provide the necessary confidence for our customers, backed by our extensive experience and proven results in multidisciplinary projects.

Search for Alternatives and Objective Evaluation

We stand out for making aexhaustive search for alternative solutions of energy and engineering that do not depend on the suppliers that offer them. As independent consultants, free from any commitment to trademarks, we focus on objectivity when evaluating each alternative.


This means that our clients can trust that the proposed solutions are selected andxclusively for its suitability and benefit to the project, without external influences that compromise the integrity of the evaluation.

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