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Turbinas de energía verde

Consultancy for Large-Scale Energy Projects in Mexico

strategic consulting

Energy consulting

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Energy efficiency is not an exclusive luxury of large corporations with departments dedicated to resource optimization. Small and medium-sized businesses can also achieve outstanding and sustainable energy management. With the guidance of experts in the field, these companies can implement customized and effective energy saving solutions, ensuring a positive impact on their operations and finances without requiring significant investment.

renewable energy consulting

Implementation of renewable energies

Each energy saving project is unique and requires a detailed evaluation for the correct application of sustainable technologies.

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sustainable strategy

Efficient energy use strategies

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Energy efficiency constitutes the fundamental pillar in the evaluation of business energy consumption. As specialists highlight: 'The most sustainable source of energy is one that is not consumed.'"

energy monitoring

Energy diagnosis and monitoring 

An effective strategy requires understanding energy consumption: how much, where and how it is used. Expert guidance is key to navigating complex data and maintaining business focus. We offer support in the implementation of solutions, overcoming paralysis by analysis

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network code

Network Code

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Under the Network Code, it is crucial to meet the following essential technical requirements: -Voltage: Mandatory compliance with electrical voltage standards. -Frequency: Maintenance of the frequency of the electrical system within regulatory limits. -Short circuit: Implementation of short circuit prevention and control strategies. -Power Factor: Necessary optimization of the power factor of the electrical system. -Protections: Configuration of adequate and synchronized electrical protections. -Control: Deployment of control and monitoring systems for the effective functionality of the electrical system. Exchange of -Information: Management of an effective information exchange between the components of the electrical system. -Energy Quality: Adherence to energy quality standards to prevent failures such as light fluctuations, harmonic distortions and current imbalances." But are companies fully aware of what they must comply with in terms of voltage, frequency, power factor, protections, control and power quality?

energy contract tenders

Energy competition tenders

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The current electricity market offers new alternatives and a diversity of suppliers. However, do companies have the ability to effectively evaluate these suppliers, considering their level of service, scope and risks, to make decisions that truly benefit them?

distribution center with solar panels


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Review of Hydrosanitary Projects

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Project Review Hydrological

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Rainwater Recovery

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Blackwater Treatment

Planta de energía solar

Starting an Outstanding and Sustainable Energy Management is possible

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